Project Division

Building Services Installation

Mechanical Ventilation and Air-conditioning Installation

    • Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning System
    • Heat pump and heat recovery system
    • Air distribution and piping system
    • Energy recovery system and automatic control system

Electrical Installation

    • Building Power Distribution
    • Generator Set
    • Lighting system
    • L.V. Switchboard

Extra Low Voltage System Installation

    • Satellite Master Television System (SMATV)   
    • Public Address System
    • Security System
    • Building management System
    • Communal Antenna Broadcast Distribution System (CABD)
    • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)

Fire Services Installation

    • Automatic sprinkler system
    • Fire hydrant and hose-reel system
    • Automatic & manual fire alarm system
    • Automatic gas extinguishing system

Building Works Installation

    • Suspended/ False Ceiling
    • Raised Floor System


Project Staff

  •  Over 70 nos.

Engineering Services Divison

Repairing, Maintenance, Additional and Alternation Works of Building Services Systems

Extra Low Voltage Systems

    • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
    • Satellite Master Television System (SMATV).
    • Public Address System
    • Burglar Alarm and Security System
    • Communal Antenna Broadcast Distribution System (CABD)

Auto Door System

Fire Services Installation System

Electrical Installation System in Building

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Systems

    • Central HVAC System
    • Cooling Tower
    • Unitary Air Conditioner
    • Commissioning and After Sales Service of Panasonic VRF System

Registration and Licensing of our staff

    • Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate, Registered Construction Worker, Registered Electrical Worker, Security Personnel Permits, Fire Service Installation Contractor Class 3 and Licensed Plumber


Engineering Services Staff

  • More than 100 nos.
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